Hello and welcome! My name is Jacalyn. I just recently started this blog in April 2017, so bare with me as I get it up and running to its full glory and content.

I define myself as a flawed wife who tries her best, mom of my fur baby Emma, and child of God. I am anxious, curious, and always strive for better. Organizing, everything art, and nature are my passions as well as dog kisses, budgeting, and sweets. I have no idea what this blog will be based on (my guess is that it will have splashes from all areas of life). Be prepared for encouragement, life stories, creative ideas, nature and dog pictures, and a little bit of Jesus. I hope you stick around and join me to see where this journey takes us.

Lastly, you might wonder what Woodnotes even means and why on earth I would have chosen that as my blog title. Luckily you can find out here.


I hope you have a beautiful day, and I would love to hear from you please feel free to leave comments or contact me using the contact page!