4 Essential Tools That Got Me Through College

Hey friends! I wanted to share with you my top favorite items to have during the school year! As a lady, I love pretty things, as I know most of you do as well I’m sure. There is something about pretty colors and flowery prints that make my happy.

That is why I incorporated the following five items into my must haves when it came to college. These made note taking, studying and overall organization so much easier and more exciting and I hope that they can help you as well! I will include links to the products as well so you can add them to your book bag if you wish.


  1. Stabilo Pens
    I love these pens and still use them all of the time! If you are a visual learner like I am, these pens can help you make color associations with your notes and classes. They come in a variety of colors and can really make your notes pop with colors and make them so much fun to study later on!

Ariyoni Web Photos-121

2. Zebra Mildliners
These highlighters work perfectly with the Stabilo Pens! They are so beautiful and come in a variety of different shades and colors. Again they make your notes look gorgeous and make the studying process a happy time! I also love using these to add color to my note cards and again make color associations by creating a watercolor look to the top of my notecards! So beautiful!


3. Spartina 449 Planner

The Spartina 449 Planner is my all time favorite that I have ever used! Why? Because it has everything you could ever want! It has a birthday list, travel lists, party planning lists, gift lists, an envelope in the back, stickers, weekly pages with check boxes, monthly calendar pages and tons of room to write everything you need. And it’s beautiful!! They usually release the new planners in the summer and they sell out fast so keep an eye out for them!


4. Full Sheet Calendar Pages

This was one of my favorite ways to stay organized and not miss anything! I love using an agenda for a weekly to do, but they are not great for planning a month or few months ahead as I usually don’t use to month spread pages in the actual agenda. So I came up with making these printable calendar pages for the whole semester to help me plan out meetings, deadlines, and exams (as well as birthdays, travels, etc). I was then able to use the highlighters and pens to color coordinate with assigned class colors (yes, I’m a geek, it’s okay). I’ll be honest, it was also fun to get to cross out the days and count down to breaks or the end of the semester. These were a life saver for me and my sanity on trying to remember everything happening each month! (Please comment if you want me to make some for the year and I will make some and post them for ya!)



I hope that these tools can help you make studying and learning exciting! Study hard and good luck during finals time! You got this!






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