Vacation – Disconnected

A few years ago I journeyed back home from a week long vacation in Corvallis, Oregon. Although I had brought along my cell phone and laptop, I hardly used either while I was there. Surprisingly enough, I did not miss them at all. Instead, I was out in the beautiful nature of Oregon. Bike rides, trips to the ocean, trail hiking, disc golfing, and spending time with new friends consumed my days, and I treasured it. Of course, that is usually the benefit of a vacation: to check out from media, technology and life’s demands, and become surrounded by a calm, carefree atmosphere. But why does it have to end once the vacation is over?

Once I was back home, I noticed that the TV and cell phone dominated my free time. I almost consider it a habit. Open my laptop… go straight to my email. Turn on my cell phone… go straight to Facebook. Unknowingly, getting back into my “at home” routine included unnecessary time wasted looking at a screen.

After seeing the happiness that came from my trip to Oregon, in contrast to the uselessness that comes from staring at a screen, I recognized my need to set limits.

I feel that many people spend large amounts of time watching the television or focusing on their phones, and not spending time connection to those around them or enjoying the little things in life. For me, I hope to stop being wasteful, and prioritize my time. Spending time with those that I love, being active, stretching my mind, using my creativity, and getting outdoors are activities that I want to dedicate my time to.

I dare you to reflect on your own time and how it is spent. I hope that you get some free time away from the technology consumed world to take in the morning sunrise or go for a walk with someone special and enjoy listening to the sounds of nature. It’s amazing what a breath of fresh air and a break from the busyness of technology can do for ones soul.

Take a break, take a breath, you deserve it.



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