Time For Nature


A few years ago, I was nanny to a beautiful family. They had three children, the youngest being 4 at the time. I journaled about an eye opening moment that she blessed me with.

I stumbled upon it again and wanted to share this moment with you:

Today, I captured the essence of nature through the mind of a little girl. Here’s my story: Today was such a beautiful day, with cool breezes and enough warmth from the sun that going to the neighborhood park seemed like the perfect use of time. After a long walk, the four-year-old girl that I nanny for and I had arrived at the playground.

Of course she wanted to swing, and my arms got a workout from pushing her high into the air. As she was swinging back and forth she asked me, “Do you know why I like the trees?” I replied with expected enthusiasm, “No, why do you like the trees?” She then continued on with excitement, “Because they grow high, and big! Then they grow more and more leaves and they grow even higher! They are so beautiful!” I took a moment and examined the tree that stood tall before us.

It shocked me with how accurate she was. The tree was stunning, and I had not even taken a moment to admire its lush green beauty. How often do moments like this get away from me?

The beauty of nature can surround us, and yet we don’t take the time to notice. Blue skies with crisp white clouds, blooming flowers of bright yellows and pinks, tall trees filled with the colors of summer and fall, or even a vibrant orange and purple sunset. All natural wonders, and all go unappreciated.

My point of sharing this moment is to give a reminder to enjoy life and all its gifts. Life’s chaos easily distracts us from basking in the beauty around us. Take a moment each day, after a long day at work or even on the quiet morning drive, to take in a piece of nature. Let it be a moment of peace within your day. Let it be a time to take deep breathes and be thankful for life’s gifts that surround us each day.


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